Personal Style

Everyone wants to look good, especially if they are in the public eye. How someone presents themselves physically can determine how well they do in the business world, as well as socially. Our Image Consultant helps you put you best foot forward by helping you choose your clothing, makeup, and hairstyle.

Both men and women are in need of image consulting. A company spokesperson may realize that they did not look their best when they see themselves on television after a press conference. A salesman may want his style updated to help him continue to look youthful. Anyone looking for a job may approach a personal style coach to help them get an edge over the competition by looking their best.

Our Image Consultant listens to your needs and desires. We will critique your look, pointing out both the strengths and the weaknesses. We will then work with you to determine strategies that will help you enhance your personal style through a new clothing budget, hairstyle and, for women, makeup. Together we will set goals and create a plan to implement them. Motivation and accountability are important parts of the plan.